Frequently asked questions:

What voice parts do you still need? 
We have a core group of voices in place, but we are always on the look out for experienced singers (in particular high sopranos and low basses), as well as those with skills in vocal percussion.

How should I prepare for my audition?
You should be ready to sing one or two songs without accompaniment that really showcase what you can do (e.g. vocal range, dynamics, variety of musical interests, etc.).  Most of all, be yourself!!
When and where are rehearsals?
Rehearsals are Monday evenings 7:45-9:45pm, at a rehearsal location in Bells Corners.

What kind of songs do you sing?
We have a wide ranging repertoire that includes songs by the Beatles, Pentatonix, Adele, Sting, Journey, Queen, Abba, Moxy Früvous, Imogen Heap, Michael Jackson, Kings of Leon, etc...

Where do you perform?
Harmonic Generation performs a number of times throughout the year at a variety of venues all over the Ottawa region.

Interested in joining us?

Please contact Paul at 613-836-6073 or send us an

email using the link below to book an audition!!